Closing on Waterford Manor Apartments

Crown Bay Group is pleased to announce the successful closing on investment property Waterford Manor Apartments this past Friday, 12/18/2015. It is an 118 unit property in Decatur GA. This is our 2nd closing within the last two weeks. With the help of Father Freddie & Mrs Fannie Clause we received exactly what we wanted for Christmas. Not to be done, without a little Hanukkah magic as well. On the first closing we had reached the end of our 30 day extension with the seller, and the lender was not ready to close. The seller would only give us a 1 day extension which was not enough and very stressful. But, by a miracle, the one day extension lasted through 8 days until close. Well you know the story. Anyway, I would like to wish everybody a happy holiday time spent relaxing with family and catching up on some rest, before the next year begins when we start back to work, ramping up, and doing it all over again!

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